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Hello! My name is Christina.


I have a degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Athens and a certificate for teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language, from the University of Thessaloniki. I live in Greece and I teach languages online to children and adults all over the world.(more)



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I believe that language learning should rely on solid foundations and go beyond memorizing a few standard expressions.

My role as your teacher is to support you in your learning journey by providing all the essential knowledge, in a way that you can better understand and absorb it but also in a way that won’t let you down in formal or specific communication situations in your target language. (Yes, I do mean ‘subjonctif’ and ‘declensions’!)

I teach in English, Greek or French, depending on the students’ communication language. If you are not sure my classes and/or learning resources are for you, please click here or contact me


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