Book an online lesson users can find me here.

Independent learners can book lessons at Book your lesson and follow the instructions in the notification email, to avoid any scheduling or payment errors.

Please verify the fees’ amount or contact me for instructions. Before you book your online lesson, try the checklist below for an optimal learning experience.

Do you have:

  • a reliable internet connection, preferably wi-fi?
  • microphone and speakers?
  • web camera? (optional but recommended)
  • access to the agreed tools? (e.g. skype, google drive, wechat etc)

Please note:

  • Your booking is not final until you receive your “Lesson content” details.
  • Cancellations are not possible less than 12 hours before the lesson start time. After that, fees are due in full.
  • Lessons for students under 16 years old must be booked by a parent or guardian, which should also remain available during the lesson sessions.
  • Unless otherwise specified by email, lesson fees are payable before the lesson start time.
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