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  • Basic structure

    Basic structure

    A. The verb subject The personal pronoun (I, you, etc) is used for emphasis. It is not part of the conjugation. For example, when you want to say “I am working today”, you don’t need it. However, if you want to say “Me, I am working today”, you must mention it. “Είμαστε”    → “We […]

  • The verb “είμαι”

    The verb “είμαι”

    The second-person plural has two versions, “είσαστε” and “είστε”.   “Είμαι” is an irregular but very common and useful verb.  You can use it for most kinds of information exchange, even at intermediate and advanced levels.  Examples with “είμαι”: Είμαι η Χριστίνα.   (I am Christina.) Είσαι φοιτητής.   (You are a student.)(masc.) Είναι 60 χρόνων. […]

  • Intro – The building blocks

    Intro – The building blocks

    Learning Greek may seem daunting at first, because of all the verb endings, noun cases and duplicate versions, but in reality it is easy enough. All you need to do is to focus your efforts on sentence structure in the beginning of your learning journey. This “frontloaded” studying strategy is the most efficient for both […]